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Meet Trenton "TP" Patterson: A Triple Threat On The Court, In The Classroom, And In The Community

In the bustling world of Texas high school basketball, Trenton Patterson, a senior at Richardson High School, has become a beacon of excellence, blending academic achievement with outstanding athletic performance.

Academic and Athletic Excellence

Patterson's story is not just one of athletic prowess; it's one of academic diligence. With a GPA of 3.7, he shatters the stereotype of the academically detached athlete. He's a leader on the court and a scholar in the classroom. His basketball statistics are impressive, but they are just part of a broader picture of a young man committed to excellence in every aspect of his life.

A Leader On and Off the Court

Trenton's leadership extends beyond the basketball court. His active role in community service echoes his belief in giving back, embodying the spirit of a true student-athlete. His approach reflects maturity and a profound understanding of his influence as a role model.

The College Recruitment Journey

As college scouts increasingly notice Trenton, he remains focused on finding a program that values both his athletic skills and academic ambitions. His criteria for college selection are clear: a program that champions both personal and athletic growth.

In an era where student-athletes often face the challenge of maintaining balance, Trenton stands as a testament to what can be achieved with dedication and focus. His journey is more than a tale of basketball; it's a story of determination, balance, and resilience. As he progresses toward his college career, he not only carries the hopes of his team and family but stands as an example to student-athletes everywhere.


Follow TP's journey as a student-athlete via social media:

Twitter @TrentonP_Bball  

Instagram: @PattersonHoops


Scouting Profile:

Name: Trenton Patterson

Position: Point Guard

Height: 5'10"

School: Richardson HS; Richardson, TX

Class: 2024


2x 2nd team all-district

2x all-district academic

3 year varsity player, 2 year starter

2nd year varsity captain

Strengths: Leadership, playmaking, court vision

Academic Performance: 3.7 GPA

Season Stats:

12ppg (50/40/85), 5apg, 1.5rpg


Player Commentary

Why Should A Coach Want YOU On Their Team?

"I’m a natural born leader. Bring undersized you have to bring alot more to the game then just talent. Holding myself and others accountable and being that  on court coach. I’m a PG that thrives in getting his teammates easy shots and opportunities to score or make a play. Also a true 2 way guard that takes a lot of pride on defense that leads to easy buckets. Confidence runs through my veins and I’m never scared of any moment no matter the magnitude."

What Are You Looking For In A College?

"A school that I’m able to go and learn from either older guards or coaches. Being able to come in and make an impact on and off the floor. I look for a school that I’m really able to work to get to that elite level and help guide me through my journey."

What Does A Coach Get In A Player Like You?

"He gets a dawg. A point guard that leads his team through battle no matter the circumstances. A player that is able to create not only for himself, but for everyone else on the court as well. A point guard that is willing to take criticism and learn from people ahead of him and through mistakes.  I’m a God driven man that allows the Lord to guide my every move in life."

What NBA Player Would You Compare Your Game To And Why?

"I would say a Jalen Brunson. An undersized, physical guard with a 3 level game. Able to get all the way to the rim and finish over taller defenders. Get to my mid range spots on the floor which I thrive best. Able to knock down threes at a high level on catch and shoots and off the dribble. Very good in pick and roll, and a deep bag in the mid/low post. And more of a Rajon Rondo on the defensive and playmaking side of the ball. Quick hands and a pest on defense. I’m a vocal leader on both sides of the ball, ensuring that teammates are in the right spots and keeping everyone on the same accord."

What Are Your Interests Outside Of Basketball?

"I’m somewhat introverted so I feel best when around my close friends or by myself. Weather is hanging out with my guys, or cruising around alone listening to music. I’m a very big music guy, I love all types of genres that helps me focus and stay level headed."

What Is Your Hidden Talent Or Something We May Not Know About You?

"I’m artistic and an “old soul”. I like to draw different things that come to mind. And also just going into nature for casual walks and talking with God."

Talk About Your Support System And What It Means To You?

"It’s everything to me. My mom and dad are my biggest, at every single game letting me know what they see, and remaining positive. My older brother played 5 years of college hoops and is going to play overseas, so he helps me when watching film, and calling before my games for pre game talks. And my oldest brother always supporting from a far in California."

What's Been Your Biggest Challenge Or Obstacle Up To This Point In Your Life And How Did You Overcome It?

"My biggest challenge growing up was learning how to use my body with being undersized. I’ve always been quick and fast, but has tough games against tougher opponents. Once I got into the weight room and really invested in when working out implementing moves that involve contact, I took a big step. And that confidence level grew even more."

What's Your Best Piece Of Advice For A Kid Following In Your Footsteps?

"To allow the Lord to guide every step of the way. It’s a very long journey so stay confident in the work you put in and continue. When you truly love the game, giving up is much harder than to keep grinding towards your ultimate goal. Don’t believe in the “D1 or nothing”. Everybody’s path is different, trust in your blessings."


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