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3M: Mindset, Media, Mentoring



Growth Mindset

Grit & Perseverance

Character Development

17 Laws of Teamwork

21 Laws of Leadership

Mental Health Management

Emotional Intelligence, Anxiety & Stress

School/Sport Balance

Public Speaking & Media Training

and so much more!

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Develop A Growth Mindset

Be a Better TEAMMATE

Be a Better LEADER

Be a Better Person


8-weeks of Enrichment:

4-hours per week with

2-hour Live Sessions and

2-hour Virtual Sessions

Plus One 2-hour Parent Clinic

SPRING SESSION: April 1 - may 31, 2022

Archived Programs


The Heads Up! Basketball and Life Skills Summer Enrichment Camp is the premiere summer basketball program in the US. The Heads Up! camps encourage excellence both on AND off the court through superior basketball, life skills, teamwork and leadership training, taught by professional and collegiate athletes, experienced coaches and other seasoned leaders with a proven track record of leadership. Since our inception, The Heads Up! Foundation has had the incredible opportunity to impact thousands of young lives from all walks of life, chasing all different types of career paths through our social outreach initiatives, sports and life skills camps, college prep programs, community service, and many other year round enrichment lessons designed to uplift and program our youth for success in life. Don't Miss This Life-Changing Event! 

Hoop Campers '17
Learn to Play the Right Way!

Student Leadership Summit

With a host of motivational speakers and presenters, this unique event will provide a wealth of knowledge for students beginning their transition from high school to college.  Students will participate in hands-on student leadership sessions, engage in critical dialogue, establish and maintain relationships with like-minded student leaders, and connect with professionals from higher education, the public and private sector. Participation in the SLS will grow leader development and strengthen important skills such as: self-awareness, communication, team building, embracing diversity and more.


  • Empower student leaders with the skills necessary to make an impact on their campuses and in their career;

  • Establish networks and important connections to other student leaders and professionals;

  • Expose student leaders to various career and future opportunities;

  • Energize students to harness their leadership experiences to make real change on their campus, in their communities and beyond.

Social Media U

Teaching participants how to communicate in a connected world where that skill is more important than ever. Our aim is to equip teenagers with the necessary skills to capitalize on the incredible opportunities social media can provide them in life.

-What is Social Media?
- The Power of Social Media
- The Dangers of Social Media
-Personal Branding to Help you Stand Out from the Competition
- Do's and Don'ts for Athletes Hoping To Play At the Next Level

Course Requirements

  • 90 mins of class time

  • 90 mins of independent study each week for 8 weeks

  • Smartphone

  • Internet Access

The Sports influencer Media broadcast

Join Founder & Sports Influencer  Jabari Johnson, on a one-of-a-kind journey throughout North Texas sports and philanthropic communities – inspiring positive impact and change within schools and communities. Follow the Hardwood Legend turned Humanitarian along his annual 5,000+ mile expedition to change lives and impact communities. The SportsInfluencer leverages exclusive access to special events, celebrities, amateur and professional athletes & coaches, sports teams, fans, and community leaders to provide special content to his unique audience. The platform has reached over 1 Million viewers Worldwide. BE INFLUENCED!

HOOPS4HEALING Celebrity Basketball Game and Community Outreach

Our camps are culminated with a celebrity benefit basketball game which has attracted a host of local and international celebrities and athletes. Over the years, our celebrity roster has included NFL Players Terrance Newman, Dez Bryant, Andre Johnson; NBA players Donald Sloan, Andre Emmett, Isaiah Austin, LeBryan Nash;Actress/Producer Karan Ashley (Power Rangers); Carter High Movie Producer Arthur Jordan Muhammad;Model/JET Beauty Latasha Roach; Celebrity Comedians Hot Topic & Comedian Q; and many more.  The headliner Celebrity All-Star Game feature many homegrown professional athletes, community leaders, citizens, and law enforcement officers. K104 Radio On-Air Personalities Lady Jade and Cat Daddy served as our Celebrity Hosts as Hometown Heroes took center stage to use their platform to help Build better families, schools, and communities through basketball.



Mentoring and Mindset Development

The Mentoring and Mindset Development Masterclass is an after-school  initiative in partnership with various Metroplex school districts to benefit students throughout the Greater Dallas Area. Heads Up! and our coalition of community partners launches a custom-designed project for select Middle and high school students in schools  intended to inspire and empower our future leaders of tomorrow! Our goal is to prepare students for college and career. Project participants will experience 8 months of informative and interactive workshops with motivational speakers, an array of teen-led activities, and an intensive curriculum intertwined with their daily academic responsibilities.


Topics include: Leadership Development; College and Career Prep; Time Management; Social Media Responsibility; Developing Healthy Relationships; Conflict Resolution; Character Development; Goal Setting; Dressing for Success; Volunteerism & Community Service; and so much more. 

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